Frequently Asked Questions

Who can invest with Kanji?

International accredited individual financial and strategic investors, family offices, and sovereign wealth funds that are vetted using the Refinitiv World Check solution.

What is involved in the KYC AML background check?

To comply with investment requirements for US domiciled assets, Kanji performs a simple investor check with Refinitiv World Check using indivi dually identifiable characteristics such as name, location of residence, nationality and date of birth. For businesses we use business name and country registration.

Is Kanji a long-term investment?

Yes. Because each investment is sourced and then funded by the pool of Kanji investors, the duration of the investment depends on a number of asset-specific outcomes that may include an IPO, a sale to another buyer, or the sourcing of new investors to buy out existing investors. The specifics of liquidity are asset dependent and will be disclosed later.

What differentiates Kanji?

Three things make Kanji a compelling partner. 1) We are a one-stop investment platform with robust consulting services for foreign financial institutions, corporations, institutional investors, family offices, and sovereign wealth funds to invest in the U.S. markets. 2) We find and surface curated, vetted, high-quality off-market exclusive investment opportunities. 3) We simplify the regulatory compliance hurdles to deploy assets quickly and efficiently with visibility and transparency into owned assets and returns.

What is it like to work with Kanji?

Kanji is built on principles of transparency, authenticity, and trust. We employ high achievers who are smart, hard working and humble, and we hold each other accountable to be honest, ethical and kind. We value relationships and we work hard to keep them healthy. When you hire us, we become a team. We don’t compromise on these principles.

What are the investment minimums?

Minimum contribution varies per deal.

What domicile are these investments located in?

All Kanji investments are on-shore within the United States markets.

How does a Cayman Fund invest in opportunities within the U.S. Markets?

Many Cayman and other offshore entities invest directly into the U.S. markets. Through its investment team, Kanji has unique access to investment opportunities within the U.S., subject to oversight of the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority.