In addition to these general investment criteria, Kanji uses additional market-specific criteria to guide the selection of deals:

Investment Selection Criteria:

  • Management Experience - We look for a track record, patterns of success in a leadership team, its business or products. When we choose an early mover, we quantify the unknowns and share our investment thesis.

  • Predictability - We look for stable market dynamics that reduce risk and increase returns.

  • Differentiation - Providing a unique approach that yields an advantage to a portfolio.

  • Concentration - Focus within a specialized sector, asset class or market.

  • Collateral protection** - We look for undervalued asset opportunities with significant liquidation value.

  • Measurable time horizon - We conservatively factor the likelihood of each exit option to assess a probability of liquidity within 3-5 years.

Additional Investor Benefits

These are some of the additional benefits provided to Kanji investors:

  • EXCLUSIVE OPPORTUNITIES - As a member of our investor pool, you’ll receive first-access to exclusive, off-market opportunities matched to your individual risk profile and target return metrics.

  • REGULAR REPORTING - The Kanji platform will provide monthly financial performance statements for each investment deal.

  • INVESTMENT PLATFORM - The Kanji platform provides a robust, streamlined, and private experience for you to make and monitor your investments.

  • MONTHLY MARKET ANALYSIS - Investors will get exclusive access to expert analysis of market sectors, appraisals of specific investment deals, and alerts when new investment opportunities become available.

Accredited investors may invest in one or more investment assets across the Kanji portfolio. While every investment has a different risk/return profile, Kanji actively searches for a variety of deals ranging from moderate, but stable growth to more aggressive growth.


Real Estate Funds

Real Estate Funds

Kanji is sourcing deals that include financing or acquisition of private and off-market income generating deals such as multi-family developments, hotels, and resorts. The group has leveraged its relationship strategies with organizational partners in the real estate industry to present a series of high-quality deals.


Kanji is sourcing deals to employ capital with existing businesses looking to expand their infrastructure, grow internationally, acquire additional regulatory licenses, develop technical R&D solutions, implement information security, increase sales, execute growth marketing initiatives, and deepen client relationships.


Kanji is sourcing deals to employ capital into the burgeoning healthcare areas of in-home, tele-health, and in-app wellness solutions that are growing rapidly as consumer behavior away from in-hospital care


Kanji is sourcing deals to support R&D investments with energy ventures and climate tech startups with potential to expand with the growing demand of clean energy technologies.

Venture Capital

Kanji is sourcing deals to fund off-market tech startups building inclusive software products using artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing to create a level playing field empowering small and medium size businesses.