How it Works

Kanji delivers:

Diverse Fund Options. Invest in higher volatility growth or stable, predictable returns. We provide options. You choose the investment time horizon and growth goals that match your investment objectives.

Individual Investments. In addition to providing exclusive access to off-market pooled assets with multiple investor participation, our team can source, research, and provide single-asset investments on your behalf.

Investor Consulting Services. If you have specific investment needs, the Kanji team is your one-stop resource to access a top-tier of professional service experts across functional roles and industries to provide you with a personalized investment strategy.

Curated Investments

The Kanji deal team uses an exceptionally experienced and well-connected team of deal sources to find and vet off-market deals that are high-quality and risk-adjusted to match your investment profile.

Valuing the deal is key to optimal returns and our team is trained in each investment area with decades of experience representing international investor needs. Plus you benefit from world-class efficiencies, innovation technology and professional partnerships (i.e. banks, advisors, attorneys, accountants).

Once you are accepted as a verified investor, we will provide first and second levels of details necessary to understand our recommendations to then decide for yourself whether a given investment matches your criteria. Plus the breadth of investment assets allows you to allocate funds across a breadth of risk reducing, diversified assets.

World Class Advisory Services

Cutting through the red-tape, simplifying the process and handling the details is what our team does for you. The Kanji platform takes care of collecting of all your details to populate all the necessary fund documentation so you don’t have to.

To make things simple, you will get a walk-through of the key terms and we will gladly liaise with your advisors to ensure a full understanding of each opportunity.

We have intentionally created the Kanji service model to address the pain of documentation complexity and local market bureaucracy that international investors face who try to do this alone.

High-quality funds

With decades of international investment experience, we are acutely aware of market dynamics that lead to rises and falls and we closely match high-quality, resilient investments to your risk profile and your focus on growth or stable, predictable returns.

We have scoured the market for high quality assets in each investment category. Each of our deals must be vetted by multiple Kanji partners including external auditors prior to promotion as an investable asset.

These off-market opportunities are not generally available. Not only do we conservatively forecast the investment returns, we evaluate the leadership, the business fundamentals and the growth strategy of each investment. This analysis reduces uncertain risk and increases our confidence. Becoming a Kanji investor gives you exclusive access to these opportunities.

What are the steps to invest?

  1. Provide contact information to get Kanji approved. Review the deal details, sign an NDA, and select deals of interest.

  2. Perform due diligence using Kanji-provided financial pro forma, deal analysis, term sheets, and requisite disclosure documentation.

  3. Sign onboarding agreements, commit capital and wire funds through our fund administrator. Once the investment round is full, Kanji makes the investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can invest with Kanji?

International accredited individual financial and strategic investors, family offices, and sovereign wealth funds that are vetted using the Refinitiv World Check solution.

Is Kanji a long-term investment?

Yes. Because each investment is sourced and then funded by the pool of Kanji investors, the duration of the investment depends on a number of asset-specific outcomes that may include an IPO, a sale to another buyer, or the sourcing of new investors to buy out existing investors. The specifics of liquidity are asset dependent and will be disclosed later.

What differentiates Kanji?

Three things make Kanji a compelling partner. 1) We are a one-stop investment platform with robust consulting services for foreign financial institutions, corporations, institutional investors, family offices, and sovereign wealth funds to invest in the U.S. markets. 2) We find and surface curated, vetted, high-quality off-market exclusive investment opportunities. 3) We simplify the regulatory compliance hurdles to deploy assets quickly and efficiently with visibility and transparency into owned assets and returns.